Top 3 Reasons To Make Direct Mail Design Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Direct mail could be a postcard, catalog, brochure, or flyer.When it comes to your marketing budget for graphic design, what’s the first thing you think of? Many people associate graphic design services with the creation of their logo or the design of their trade show booths, and rightfully so–these are essential elements of a multi-channel marketing strategy. But research shows that investing in direct mail design has significant benefits.

#1 Direct Mail Builds Brand Awareness

What do you have hanging up on your refrigerator? Besides the family photos, chances are you’ve got something you received in the mail from a business. Maybe it’s a postcard, a brochure, a coupon offer, or a cool flyer designed to spark your interest. And if you’re like most households, it’s a print catalog you’ve got sitting on your coffee table.

Direct mail builds brand awareness because it stays around longer–in our homes and in our minds. A recent study on “The Neuroscience Behind the Response-Driving Power of Direct Mail” shows that people who receive direct mail have a 70% higher brand recall than those who simply see digital ads.

#2 Direct Mail Builds Trust and Credibility

There is a trust factor that comes with direct mail. The printed word still has a credibility to it that hasn’t yet been achieved in the digital realm. The prevalence of phishing, email scams, and hacking can make people cautious about opening emails or attachments.

Infuse a catalog or postcard with modern graphic design, however, and a higher percentage of your ideal audience will trust and respond to your message. Direct mail is so effective at gaining trust and driving action that, a recent InfoTrends study reports 40% of American consumers credit direct mail for a purchase they made in the past three months.

#3 Direct Mail Engages Your Ideal Audience

Good graphic design in a brochure, postcard, flyer, or catalog promotes brand engagement on multiple levels. Recipients of direct mail take action ranging from joining email lists and following brands on social media to making purchases. According to InfoTrends, over half of consumers who responded to direct mail either visited the company’s website or their brick-and-mortar store.

Because of its high ROI, direct mail is an effective way to promote special offers or introduce new products or services. Businesses can boost the power of direct mail even further by personalizing it. With InfoTrends reporting that 84% of consumers are more likely to open mail if it’s personalized to them, more and more companies are using birthday cards, anniversary notes, and other customized offers to engage their audience.

An effective multi-channel marketing strategy will use a range of methods to engage and inspire audiences. Direct mail design is a vital part of modern marketing, with the proven ability to promote brand awareness, build trust, and connect with consumers on an emotional level that drives action and sales.

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