Jay, Senior Graphic Designer


Senior Graphic Designer

With over two decades of experience that span the transition from hand-drawn to digital design, Jay brings a clean and elegant aesthetic to his work as Senior Designer at Illustrated Designs, Inc.

Jay earned his BFA in Illustration from the Otis/Parsons School of Design in 1989, starting his career as an illustrator at a time when the end result was a physical piece of work. The tactile element of design still appeals to Jay, and finds expression in the highly-designed sculptures of animals he creates in his wood shop.

Jay believes that the most important steps in successful and efficient design come before the pencil hits the paper. Even in our digital age, the foundation of good design is understanding the client and their audience, and having an open flow of communication about the direction you want to take.

For Jay, the creative process involves tapping into the psychology of why something works, so that he can “capture the most with the least.” His favorite projects are ones in which the client is willing to take risks and change what they’ve done in the past.

While client satisfaction is always the aim, it’s especially meaningful to Jay when a client who has gone past preconceived notions to embrace a new direction is able to see how it elevates their business.

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