Marketing Minute: Trail of Breadcrumbs

I often refer to marketing as a “trail of breadcrumbs.”

Each crumb should be interesting and enjoyable, leaving the consumer looking for more. Each crumb should be small and easy to consume quickly. Each crumb should lead to the next. This is what marketing is all about.

To craft effective “marketing breadcrumbs” it takes research.

Time is required to truly understand your customers’ needs, habits, and preferences. Then, it takes careful planning to utilize this newfound information to create a marketing strategy that grabs the customers’ attention and leads them where you want them to go.

Once you get a feel for your audience, you can lead them, crumb by crumb, on a content-driven journey that informs them about your business and build their confidence in your brand.

The marketing trail of breadcrumbs led this consumer to make a purchase.For example, the first breadcrumb could be a postcard that introduces a new customer to your company. If they liked the first crumb, they’ll check you out on social media. That’s crumb number two. Next, your social media campaign invites them to visit your booth for a demonstration at an upcoming trade show. There’s crumb number three. After that, your trade show leads receive an email newsletter with a promotional code to use on your website. Another breadcrumb. On your site, they can read more about the product, chat with a customer service representative, and of course, place an order.

Today’s consumers want to be informed before they make a purchase, but they don’t want to be overwhelmed. Do you have a trail of breadcrumbs to keep and hold their attention?

-Tracey Piechocki

President, Illustrated Designs, Inc.

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