Using Themes to Take Your Event from Mediocre to Memorable

Trade shows and corporate events can be a goldmine of opportunity, offering companies the chance to attract new clients, solidify existing relationships, gain greater visibility, and establish themselves as market leaders in their field.

One Chance for a First Impression

First impressions are important—you only get one chance at them, and they last. When it comes to events, there is one element that can make the difference between a mediocre first impression and a memorable one: using a theme.

bci-show-14-logo-thumbnail-copyA theme is a consistent idea and look that visually and conceptually ties together the presentation and gives your visitors a cohesive experience. Themes set the tone for your entire event, adding a dimension of fun to the experience because, well, it’s an experience, and experiences engage people on multiple levels. They are immersive. They elicit a response. And they invite your clients and colleagues to live in your world for a moment, instead of just reading about it in a handout.

“First impressions are important—you only get one chance at them, and they last.”

Establishing Your Identity

Establishing your identity as a market leader, either among peers in your industry or among clients, requires carefully thought out visuals in line with your message and offerings. Signs, banners, and displays bring a visual appeal to your event, but it’s when they are coordinated to create an overall experience that they have the greatest impact.


3D Barn/Backyard Country Living Theme

For this farmhouse 3D display, the surrounding area
was set up to interactively display their merchandise.


Extending Your Brand

In addition to providing a focus and unifying element to your event, your theme acts as an extension of your brand. Thoughtfully designed, a theme will:

  • Use colors, graphics, and messaging that reinforce your brand in displays, signs, and banners.
  • Clarify your message and offer consistent client experiences across brand touchpoints.
  • Emphasize the relevance of your brand by allowing your content to be fresh each year of your event.


The impact of a well-designed theme is both immediate for those experiencing your event first-hand, and long-lasting, as their Instagram-worthy visuals promote social sharing. From enhancing your credibility within your industry to attracting consumer awareness in person and via social media, themes have the power to turn an event into a brand-building experience.


Illustrated Designs, Inc. has been creating themes for memorable trade shows and corporate events for 30+ years. From concept to installation, their innovative design team develops comprehensive themed experiences including design, print, fabrication, and installation of signs, banners, decor, and 3-D displays. Want your next event to be memorable?

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