Custom Logo Design

Client: Alison

Alison, the founder of Amazing Journey Coaching, uses her work experience in human resources and her training with iPEC, to coach entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate leaders who are lifelong learners. Her goal is to teach business owners how to run a sustainable business.

Alison became familiar with Illustrated Designs at a networking event, and it turned out that she was looking for a logo design for her newly founded business. As we discussed what Alison was envisioning for her new logo, she said it was important to her that we incorporate a blue heron into the design.

Jay, our graphic designer, knocked this one out of the park. He expertly combined the heron as an abstract with a road and landscape depicting a “journey” in a professional logo that will appeal to Alison’s potential clients. Because her potential clients were professional men and women, we went for a strong blue color that would appeal to both groups. The overall goal was a logo that is clean, professional, and readable, and we got the job done in just a couple of weeks.

When Alison saw the final product, she was thrilled that we were able to provide a professional logo that not only incorporated the heron but spoke to the ‘journey’ she offered with her coaching services.

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