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It's a Journey

As humans, we gravitate toward ease and order, so in addition to choosing a “less is more” design aesthetic, our creative team focuses on your customer’s journey.
This journey starts by setting the mood using strategically selected fonts and colors and continues with intentionally placed headings and images. This path makes your message engaging and guides the reader to the next step.

...a journey that leads to a call to action.

Design and Content Services

Sales Materials & Collateral

Cutting edge catalogs. Eye-catching direct mail. Strategic brochures. Exciting pre-event marketing that generates buzz before the doors even open. Everything we design is customized specifically for you and the connection you want to establish with your audience.


13 milliseconds. That’s how long the brain takes to process an image, which means that way before your customers have read any text, they have formed an impression of you from your logo.
A lot goes into the split-second impression that decides how your clients feel about you–font selection, color, tone, and style. We start every logo design by learning what kind of impression you want to make, then leverage our branding expertise to create company, product, and event logos that tell your story, your way.

Web & Digital Design

Effective digital graphic design and content is essential to engaging audiences today–but staying consistent with tone, brand, and vision while implementing the best practices that will support your overall marketing strategy takes time and expertise. With the guidance of an experienced project manager, all of the moving pieces of your digital content and social media calendars are developed and coordinated to run smoothly, on time, and in concert with each other to deliver engaging, on-brand messaging that keeps you top of mind as the expert in your field.

digital content and social media


Written content is essential to engaging audiences today. The Illustrated Designs writers understand the importance of staying consistent with tone, brand, and vision while implementing the best practices that will support your overall marketing strategy. 


Product Packaging

Before your customer uses your product, before they give it a trial run, before they even hold it in their hands–they’ve engaged in its story. The story might be told in the box that houses the product on retail store shelves, or in the packaging that gets unwrapped when it’s delivered to a customer’s doorstep.

But a story it is, and the layout and graphic design in packaging makes it a powerful one that can influence everything from decisions about purchasing or reordering to the way people use and enjoy your product.

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