Logo and Signage Project

Client: Complete Wellness

Located in Quakertown, PA, Complete Wellness is a community of practitioners that provide a variety of health and wellness services aimed to promote complete wellness for their clients.

When Complete Wellness first formed, they were seeking a logo that embodied their mission and vision. The owners were already familiar with Illustrated Designs as they are friends of our president, Tracey, and involved in the same networking group. It’s always fun to work with other local businesses!

As we discussed the details of the project, they mentioned that they already had a frame hanging on the front of their building for the sign that they wanted to use. So, it was our job to not only create a logo but also a new sign for that existing frame.

When our graphic designer, Jay, designed this logo he was looking to visually incorporate the concept of being “complete” into the graphic. Eventually, his idea evolved into a moon shape that is completed by the “W.” You can also see the initials “C” and “W” that represent the company’s name, Complete Wellness. We were thrilled to hear that our friends at Complete Wellness loved the design!

Not only did our team design and print the sign for this project, but we also installed the Plexiglass panels for the sign in front of the wellness center. Since this initial project, Complete Wellness contracted us to design another logo; this one for their salt room.

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