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Client: Volpe Enterprises, Inc.

When we first met with Volpe Enterprises, Inc., they were in need of a branding refresh. Let me back up. Volpe Enterprises, Inc. is a complete home renovation company located in North Wales, PA. When the company was founded back in 1970 by Gary Volpe, they primarily worked on roofs and serviced basic home repairs. Their typical client was a male homeowner.

Over time, Volpe grew and started offering new services. From windows to bathrooms to kitchens, they morphed into a company offering complete home renovations. When Volpe made these changes, they opened up to a new target market. Shifting the emphasis from repairs to magazine-worthy renovations now engaged the female audience. At this point, Volpe faced two problems. First, they recognized their current marketing materials didn’t appeal to their new target market. Second, the pre-made templates their in-house marketing team was using, no longer fit their needs. They needed a custom look.

Volpe did what most of us do when looking for an answer, they turned to Google. Through a Google search, they came across our company, Illustrated Designs. After checking out our services and seeing our positive reviews, they set up a consultation. Volpe shared their story with us and laid out their main goals: Marketing materials that represent a new look to better reach their target audience and accurately communicate their message. This consultation process is one thing we pride ourselves on at Illustrated Designs. We prioritize that first handshake and face to face conversation. This is where the relationship is born.

After our project manager, Tracey, and graphic designer, Jay, spent some time drawing up a proposal, we set another meeting with Volpe. Our team proposed changes to adapt their design and give their brand a softer, more modern look. This meeting sealed the deal. Volpe knew that their problems had been heard and that we were dedicated to finding solutions.

Before, Volpe’s marketing materials had an industrial look with a masculine color scheme. When Illustrated Designs stepped in, we updated every aspect of the design. Now when you see Volpe’s brand, you get a glimpse of who they are and what they can do. We accomplished a softer, lighter look utilizing lighter neutral tones, introducing a shade of orange, and brighter images. Our copywriter swapped the bullet point lists for catchy headings and paragraphs that reflect Volpe’s dedication to their customers. From the fonts, color palette, layout, and image selection to a minor tweak to the logo, this brand got a fresh, new look!

Since this project, we’ve completed several projects for Volpe and look forward to future opportunities to work together.

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