Interactive Trade Show Booth

Client: Koolbridge Solar, Inc. 

Koolbridge Solar, Inc. designs state-of-the-art electrical products that aim to integrate solar energy into homes. With a collaborative partnership built on innovation and vision, Koolbridge and Illustrated Designs, Inc. are committed to creating trade show experiences as relevant and forward-thinking as the products they showcase.

Koolbridge needed a trade show display that was as engaging as their products. They wanted to showcase their groundbreaking Smart Load Center™, a triumph of technology that integrates solar and electrical energy for efficient and cost-effective home use. Illustrated Designs came in and designed, built, and programmed a 3-D display home. Fitted with a series of lights, the display walks visitors through the process the Smart Load Center uses to integrate solar and electrical grid-based energy and manage its flow throughout your home.

Koolbridge’s Smart Load Center™ display showcased three different power scenarios:
Sunny Day
Night/Cloudy Day
Power Outage

This custom exhibit not only educates visitors, but engages them in the conversation about efficient and cost-effective energy usage. The result is a display that matches Koolbridge’s visionary imagination and technological innovation.

Chairman Stephen Burnett, speaking at the March 29 Koolbridge Solar Shareholder meeting in Raleigh, NC, noted, “Our booth was considered by many to be one of the best and most effective designs at the 2017 Solar Power International Show in Las Vegas.”

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