Product Packaging Design

Client: Golden (Old Fashioned Kitchen)

Golden (Old Fashioned Kitchen) is the premier supplier of blintzes, potato pancakes, and pierogies, as well as the largest supplier of crepe shells in the U.S. You’ve probably seen their products in the frozen food section of your local grocery store. They supply most retailers in the U.S. as well as the hospitality and restaurant industries coast to coast.

Old Fashioned Kitchen (OFK) has been around since 1951, so they’ve learned how to adapt to keep up with business and marketing trends. Illustrated Designs produced marketing materials and product packaging for OFK for a number of years. In 2008, Illustrated Designs created a new design for their potato pancakes product packaging. Then, in 2016, OFK reached out again seeking a few modifications.

OFK wanted to make some minor revisions to the front of the package, mainly adding the front of the package nutritional information. They didn’t want to make any major changes to the front of their product in order to maintain their strong brand recognition. However, they were open to suggestions on the back of the box.

Our goal was to send the message that their products were all-natural without using that language on the packaging. Therefore, we proposed visually representing all-natural ingredients on the packaging. The final product packaging shows an image of some of the wholesome, limited ingredients in the Golden products – a visual that reminds you of making something from scratch right at home in your own kitchen.

Once Illustrated Designs came up with this new, fresh design for the potato pancakes packaging, OFK requested we replicate this design for their other products.

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