Mistakes Happen!

Mistakes are inevitable. Even though making a mistake can feel like the end of the world, people tend to remember how you deal with your mistakes more than the mistake itself. Even large companies like Ikea have marketing blunders every now and then. Check out this video to find out more! Illustrated Designs, Inc. has […]

I HATE Marketing Myself! (Part 2)

A few legitimate reasons business owners struggle with marketing: A fear of the unknown Failure to pinpoint how their business is unique A lack of understanding the target audience Feeling overwhelmed by the number of marketing channels Unsure which products/services to focus on Not knowing where to begin Marketing yourself is unnatural for most people. […]

I HATE Marketing Myself!

Are you in the same boat? Do you HATE marketing yourself? It can be hard to put all of your plans, hopes, and dreams out there for everyone else to judge. What if we fail? In this video, I share a simple exercise to help you work through some of this self-doubt we all deal […]

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